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Tax benefits for students

Every type of contract has its own  tax credits established by the individual income  tax return.
The conditions below explain how to get tax benefits:

  1. Have a registered or a renewed contract according to Law 431/98;
  2. The apartment must be the main house of the tenant ;
  3. Income Family bracket and age to calculate tax deductions;
  4. The tenant can’t get more than one tax deduction because they cannot be combined,  but he/she can choose the most convenient one.

By clicking the link below  you will find all the main tax benefits, about accommodation, which could be useful for students:


In case of a joint contract type registered  in more tenants' name, the tax credit will be calculated proportionally.
Please note: in the contract “transitorio per studenti” explicit the amount that every tenant should pay individually to clearly identify the income that will be detracted from the income declaration.

How can I get the tax credit?

At the time of the income declaration you have to collect all rent receipts , paid the previous year, in order to deduct them. Below, you will find some advice on how to deduct rental charges from the tax return form 730.
To fill in the tax return form 730, line E 41, code 2, you have to indicate the duration of the contract in the space provided.
In the column beside, instead,  you have to indicate the percentage deduction for persons entitled to have it.
As specified before, if you are the only holder of the contract you can write 100 %, but if you have a joint contract you have to write 50 %.
Anyway, we suggest you to ask to CAF (Fiscal Assistance Center) or to a public accountant to handle your tax preparation.

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