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Rif. 329844 Sede di Bologna
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Consultazione offerte

Rif. 329844

1 posto in stanza doppia per ragazzi dal 30/04/2019

€ 360
Prezzo mensile:
€ 300 (€ 60 spese)
Spese incluse:
Luce, Acqua, Gas, Condominio, Spazzatura, Riscaldamento, Internet
Spese escluse:
Cauzione richiesta:

Descrizione offerta

The apartment is sited in a great location, in front of the back access to the central railway station, which is 5 minutes by foot to the city center. In the apartment there are 2 bedrooms, each one is furnished with a bed/2beds, wardrobe and writing desk with a chair. The kitchen is spatious, with a balcony. In case of a couple, we can provide a double bed. There is a central corridor, linking the first room on the letf, bathroom, kitchen and second room on the right. There is autonomous heating and wi- fi connection. In the ground floor, there is a close courtyard where it is possible to leave bicycles. Besides the apartment, there is a very comfortable emplacement for car sharing and there are bicycles available in the railway station It is a is a residential building, therefore it is very important to respect the building rules and the rest period. Parties at home are not allowed. No smokers, no cats and dogs. The costs is 600 euros a month plus a 150 euros a month forfait for local fees and other fees: electricity, gas, water, waste tax, internet connection, building fees. For the consumptions (electricity, gas, water) , the planned quota is related to a regular consumption that will be checked before the return of the down deposit - 1 or 2 months, depending on the lenght of your staying

Descrizione alloggio

Altre informazioni

Tipologia appartamento:
Tipologia alloggio:
Stanza doppia
Numero posti:
Disponibile dal:
Permanenza minima:
2 mesi
Tipo di contratto:
Contratto libero (4 anni + 4)
Solo ragazzi
Solo studenti:
Bussola Bologna - Orari di apertura al pubblico: dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 10.00 alle 13.00. (e nel periodo di maggiore affluenza degli studenti dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 e dalle 14.00 alle 17.00)
Indirizzo: Via Zamboni, 62/b - Tel. 051 254423 - Fax. 051 251640 - E-mail info@bussolacasa.it